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This week’s question is: I was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  Could you tell me what questions I should be asking my doctor in order for me to be successful in the prevention of type 2 diabetes?

Weight control and changes to your diet are going to be key in preventing type 2 diabetes.   If you plan to start a workout routine, it would be good to consult with your doctor on the types of exercise strategies that would be best for you.  A Registered Dietitian would be able to assist you with modifying your diet.  If you do not have access to a Registered Dietitian, then you may ask your doctor for some guidance on how to modify your diet. 

Some dietary strategies would be to reduce your calorie and fat intake.  In addition, choose more foods that contain whole grains and that are high in fiber.  


This week’s question is: I have pre-diabetes and have been doing a pretty good job of exercising outdoors during the spring and summer months.  Now that the weather is starting to cool down, I am trying to determine what I can do for physical activity in the colder months.  Suggestions?

Don’t let the cold get in the way of your regular physical activity routine.   You can still walk, run, or enjoy a variety of physical activities during the cold months.  The key is to prepare yourself against the colder weather conditions.

Some tips are to dress in layers so you can remove pieces to avoid overheating.  If it is really cold outside, don’t forget to protect your hands, feet, and ears to avoid frostbite.  Footwear should be appropriate enough to deal with cold weather conditions to keep you from falling if it is wet or icy.  You will still need some sunscreen because the sun rays are still powerful as they are in the summer months.  Always remember to keep yourself hydrated.

If conditions outside are extremely cold, too wet, or too windy, you might want to consider exercising indoors.  There are a variety of workout videos that can be entertaining.

Remember before your start any physical activity please consult with your doctor.

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