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This week’s questions is: I have a very big issue when it comes to having diabetes and that is I do not eat vegetables.  I have tried.  I want control my diabetes and be around to raise my young children.  What suggestions do you have to add vegetables to my diet?

Some suggestions to add vegetables to your diet is to explore and sample the many vegetables that are available until you find some that you really enjoy.

It is no fun eating foods you don’t like or you feel like you have to eat.  Food should be something you enjoy and finding veggies you actually like will help you to incorporate them into your meals.

Another strategy is to find tasty recipes or spices that will enhance the flavor of vegetables  in a way that will make you want to eat them.

Also, there are cookbooks available that have recipes where you can puree or hide vegetables in dish and you will never notice you are eating vegetables.


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